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AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 2m


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Stereophile Review, October 2013

Stereophile Review, October 2013

"Moving up to Evergreens we noted improved transient snap and articulation, more vibrant colour and sparkle in the brass and percussion instruments, and greater overall space. There's such amazing depth now. I can't believe how flat the sound was before."

The AudioQuest Evergreen is where affordability meets complete value for money. This 3.5mm jack to jack cable is an optimal choice for connecting portable devices and laptops to powered speakers or audio systems via their headphone socket. AudioQuest's typical Long-Grain Copper (LGC) makes up the conductor which is better quality than standard oxygen-free copper used in budget cables.  

Evergreen also features foamed-polyethylene insulation, cold-welded gold-plated plugs, and a metal-layer noise dissipation system for powerful sound. Asymmetrical double-balanced geometry delivers lower impedance to the ground too.

Solid LGC Conductors

Conductor material quality makes a world of difference in the sound of an audio cable. Since the surface of a conductor has 100% current density at all frequencies, the surface most defines the sound quality of the whole conductor. The less complicated grain structure and fewer impurities within Evergreen's LGC copper significantly reduce distortion compared to normal high-purity copper.

Solid Core Conductors

Strand interaction is the single greatest cause of distortion in cable, and one of the easiest to avoid. Whenever current crosses the oxidized contact between bare strands, the signal will be altered. In addition, the magnetic fields of the various strands are constantly interacting, causing confusion (smearing) and causing the contact pressure between strands to be constantly modulated. AudioQuest's solid core conductors are the complete solution to this problem.

AudioQuest Noise-Dissipation System

Noise, in the form of RF energy, is the mortal enemy of good sound. Our environment is more contaminated with RF than ever before due to the huge proliferation of RF radiating devices like computers and mobile phones. Traditionally, RF energy is routed to ground through the use of a 'shield" consisting of either a braided metal or foil. This 'draining' of RF to ground causes a modulation of the ground plane, which in turn causes a form of signal modulation. AudioQuest's Noise-Dissipation System greatly reduces the effect of this modulation. Metal, used in a passive manner, acts as a method of dissipating and reducing the incoming RF. The result is dramatically less modulation of the signal, less distortion and better sound.

Cold-Weld System

Making the perfect connection between conductor and connector is not a simple process. There are three accepted ways to make the connection between a cable and its termination. Solder is by far the most common method of connection. Resistance welding is clearly superior to even the best solder. However, just as solder introduces an inferior layer of differing material, causing distortion and reflections, so does welding. The alloy created at the interface of cable and plug is far superior to solder, but it is still an undesirable intermediary layer. After so much attention to the quality of the conductor and connector, the contact system deserves just as much consideration. AudioQuest's Cold-Weld System solves this problem with a superior connection that insures that the structural integrity of the conductor is kept completely intact. The Cold-Weld System refers to a combination of high pressure at the point of contact and the use of silver impregnated paste.

Foamed Polyethylene Insulation

Evergreen's polyethylene insulation, foamed to include as much 'air' as possible, provides superior clarity and dynamics. By keeping the positive and negative conductors separate, offers the greatest stability for cable geometry resulting in a fantastically clean sound.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

Conductor Long-Grain Copper (LGC)
Dielectric Foamed Polyethylene
Jacket Braided
Plug Type Gold-Plated 3.5mm Male Jack (x2)
Shielding Standard NDS
Type 3.5mm Jack to Jack (Male to Male)

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

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AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 3m

AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 3m Warehouse Deal

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AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 16m

AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 16m

AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 20m

AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm Jack To Jack Cable 20m



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