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Monitor Audio Shadow S50 Low Profile Speaker (Pair)

Monitor Audio

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This page relates to a previously available product and is maintained for information only.

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Monitor Audio's Shadow 50 speaker brilliantly helps create a super discreet audio solution around the home instantly. Think about a shadow; there's no physical depth, yet can be larger than life. This is the magical effect created by Monitor Audio's ultra-thin speakers which still meet the need for full surround home cinema dynamics.

This mind-blowing blend of high performance and cool lifestyle appeal is the work of thousands of hours of computer aided design and performance simulation. By almost redefining the laws of physics, Monitor Audio have managed to create a system which fits neatly alongside the wafer-thin screens of today.

The Monitor Audio Shadow 50 speaker works superbly as a pair of front speakers combined with the Shadow Centre speaker to provide a stunning home theatre.

  • Tick Ultra-slim depth of just 40mm (1½") complements the slimmest TV screens
  • Tick Designed and tuned to provide optimum sound quality when flush wall mounted
  • Tick Black anodised aluminium finish for excellent aesthetic results
  • Tick Easy installation: flat to wall fixings, invisible cable entry/connection and a removable magnetic grille make installation simple and seamless
  • Tick A single alloy extrusion provides a slender profile, maximises the internal cabinet volume and offers high rigidity to suppress resonance
  • Tick A specially developed 25mm C-CAM tweeter features a unique venting and rear loading chamber for low resonance and clean pure sound down to the low frequency crossover point
  • Tick 4" low profile bass-midrange drivers feature a flat RDT sandwich diaphragm constructed from C-CAM and Rohacell materials
  • Tick Unique 'floating' driver mounting reduces colouration: the drivers bolt to the rear of the cabinet and are de-coupled from the baffle at the front in an airtight neoprene seal
  • Tick A special 'concertina' driver suspension design provides high excursion from a low profile assembly
  • Tick 4" low profile ABR drivers are individually tuned, providing punchy bass without the noise associated with ported designs
  • Tick Supplied with feet.
Anodised Aluminium Build

Anodised Aluminium Build

The extruded cabinet construction of the Shadow Series is made from anodised aluminium, light and extremely durable. This one-piece alloy extrusion provides a slim profile letting the speaker hug the wall almost melting into your room. The upshot of this is maximised internal volume and a high rigidity to prevent sound-affecting vibrations.

Thin High Performance Drivers

Thin High Performance Drivers

Making a speaker so low in profile is a design snag that many have failed on. Naturally speakers crave room to perform but the beauty with Monitor Audio's Shadow series is the newly designed flat-profile 4" mid-bass driver and a redesigned version of their world-famous C-CAM tweeter. Designed to reproduce the vast dynamics of movie soundtracks, the cone is held in a high power Neodymium magnetic field by a unique concertina-style suspension. Each driver is fixed to the rear of the cabinet but 'floats' within an airtight seal at the front.



For open environments sound quality can be further improved upon by using a sealed ABR (Auxilary Bass Radiator). Moving back and forth the ABR takes the form of a piston generated by the movement of the air via the bass/mid driver motion. The resulting effect acts like a conventional port giving you a superior low frequency punch and extra penetration whilst keeping the elements at bay.

C-CAM Drivers

C-CAM Drivers

RDT Ceramic-coated aluminium magnesium, or C-CAM for short is primarily used is aircraft engineering but makes it perfect for use in high quality speakers. Their light, yet extremely rigid quality not only provides an ideal material to construct jet engines, they also aid acoustics. The alloy goes through a three stage stress-relieving process to remove surface deformation and structural weaknesses. Conventional cones are prone to flexing and twisting in operation leading to a poorer audio reproduction. C-CAM cones far superior rigidity means the performance.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.