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Ortofon Cartridge Accessory Pack


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A collection of 3 must have accessories from Ortofon for turntable enthusiasts to keep your stylus clean, turntable level and cartridge aligned.  A Libelle bubble level, a cartridge protractor tool and stylus cleaning brush will all be useful accessories to keep your vinyl spinning perfectly.

The Ortofon Libelle will tell you how level your system is by simply placing on the top of your turntable. From here it gives you the perfect indication of what part needs adjusting to give you a perfectly level turntable.  Make sure you get the best sound quality out of your system by using one of these.

The Ortofon Cartridge Protractor is a simple yet sophisticated tool that allows you to properly align your cartridge for optimum performance throughout the length of a record. This useful device is provided as standard with many higher-end Pro-Ject turntables, but is also useful to anyone who is looking to change their cartridge or fit a new model for the first time. This simple alignment tool has a number of lines radiating out from the spindle and labelled from 0 to 5 degrees plus a series of vertical parallel lines. These reference points are positioned at distances of 63 mm and 125 mm from the spindle. This alignment is a good compromise across the whole of the record and ensures that almost zero distortion is achieved.

The Ortofon stylus brush is a cheap and effective way of cleaning your stylus. By using the stylus brush it will keep your stylus free from dirt which will ensure the correct tracking of a record and the best sound quality.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

Options from £5.00 to £245.00

Ortofon Stylus Brush

Ortofon Stylus Brush

Ortofon Libelle Bubble Level

Ortofon Libelle Bubble Level

Ortofon Stylus Pressure Gauge

Ortofon Stylus Pressure Gauge

Ortofon SB-2 Stroboscope

Ortofon SB-2 Stroboscope


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