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JVC DLA X7000 Black 4K E-Shift Home Cinema Projector


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Brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where applicable).

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Best Buy 9/10

Best Buy 9/10

"Excellent black levels and shadow detail, Superb cinematic images, Excellent greyscale tracking and Excellent value for money"

JVC DLA-X7000 E-Shift 4K Projector. If you are looking for a projector to show what JVC are really made of then you need look no further as the X7000 is a very special projector that offers DCI-P3 and HDR visual standards that are a first for a 2K projector. You also gain the massive processing power that comes the HDMI 2.2 certification.

The monumental data transferring power required to process 18Gbps is simply staggering, but as you would expect JVC have the knowhow to make the X7000 crunch the numbers to bring images to life in ways only JVC can.

Just like its predecessor the X7000 carries the very prestigious THX certification for 2D and 3D playback with a dedicated modes available. Being DCI-P3 and HDR compliant means that you that you can access the new colour format being standardised by leading Hollywood film makers and for those who really want the best you have the option of ISFccc.

So, where have JVC made the biggest changes with the DLA-X7000? Well the main circuit board has been updated to accommodate 4K playback which has a staggering 18Gbps data transfer rate, A brand new high powered lamp, which boosts the light output delivers class leading level of contrast.

There are two 2.0a , HDCP certified HDMI connection on the rear plus a Network RJ45 port plus the the 3D sync connection for 3D when purchasing the 3D version. Those who own a powered screen which is powered by a trigger will also be happy as this is also an added bonus.

Unlike many 2K projectors out there, the DLA-X7000 up converts the 10 bit signal to a full 12 bit output and can input a true 4K signal reaching the magical 4.4.4 requirement. Using JVC’s 4th generation of e-shift technology, the X7000 really has enough to compete against native 4K projector and the picture such a stunning experience that you are won over.

As you would expect from this JVC projector, it has an almost three dimensionality which is partly thanks to the way the X7000’s superior contrast levels shows itself. This brings a level of depth to the table, which other manufacturers can only dream about. This same effect is also true with DVD and HD Blu-ray movies thanks to the unique way JVC’s e-shift system works transforming old DVD’s into almost HD standards with the same dynamics and blu-ray movies within a whisker downloadable 4k content with true 4K video looking simply breath taking.

Now everyone knows that X7000 uses very clever technology to create 3840 x 2160 from a 2K panel and that a true native 4K projector should in theory out perform it with ease, yet this could not be further from the truth. Thanks to JVC’s outstanding e-shift technology and the visual makeup of how it renders video content, there is areas where the JVC excel's native 4k projectors and areas where it is so close that you really have to question which is better.

Colours, greyscale and the contrast are seamlessly delivering sharp details images which defy what a true full HD projector should be able to produce easing you into the wonderful World of 4K without it destroying your old DVD’s. So, if you’re looking for one of the best projectors currently on the market, then look no further that this truly amazing home cinema projector.


While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

THX Certified
DCI-P3 Compliant
Lumens 1,800 lm
Pixel Count 4K Projection (3840 x 2160) with e-shift 4 Technology
*Resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 3D mode
Lamp 265 watts
Dynamic contrast ratio 1,200,000:1
Native contrast ratio 120,000:1
HDR Compatible Yes
HDMI Certification HDMI/HDCP 2.2 for 4K Content
Clear Motion Drive With signals upto 4K60P 4:4:4
Screen Adjustment Modes 106 modes (Up to 255 modes)
Lens Memory function 5 memories
4K resolution (3840 x 2160)
4K signal input (4K60P 4:4:4, 4K60P 4:2:2/36-bit, 4K24P 4:4:4/36-bit)
Connectors HDMI x 2 (3D, Deep Colour/HDCP 2.2)
RS-232C (D-sub 9pin) x 1
LAN (RJ-45) x 1
Trigger x 1 (Mini jack)
3D Sync x 1 (Mini DIN)
Optional Wireless transmission options for 3D viewing: PK-AG3 3D eyewear and PK-EM2 3D synchro emitter
Power Consumption 380W

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

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Pay monthly plans for up to 60 months, available on purchases between £299 and £25,000.

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15.9% ONIB36-15.9 36 Months
15.9% ONIB48-15.9 48 Months
15.9% ONIB60-15.9 60 Months

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