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AudioVisual Online Demonstration Facility

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High Quality Cinema Demonstration Suite

Our demonstration rooms and showroom facility in Bacup, Lancashire is a great way to see, feel and hear our products before you purchase. With a high-end cinema demo room, a showroom fully stocked with specialist AV furniture and a second demo room for high-end two channel audio, we e proud to say we have the best customer facilities in the North West and beyond. We have great speaker brands and electronics, so whether your a seasoned home cinema veteran or simply want to take the first step into proper surround sound call us today.


High Quality Cinema Demo Suite

Most demo facilities are small, pokey little rooms above high street shops converted from old store rooms and suchlike. We decided to do the job properly and built ours from the ground up, with acoustics and room layout at the forefront of design. We think weve done a pretty good job and customer feedback is never short of terrific. The room itself features a 100" acoustically transparent screen with the image provided a top of the range projector, regularly updated. We have a good range of speakers and receivers available, from full size floor standing packs, to more discreet lifestyle options. The room is finished with the ultra desirable Signature leather cinema seating and acoustically treated with a full range of acoustic panels and bass traps. We can offer breathtaking demonstrations whilst giving good, honest advice by our experienced technicians (whos well versed in delivering information in laymans terms by the way!) by prior appointment only. Drop us a line or give us a call to book your appointment with us and discuss your needs.


This is where we showcase the best dedicated cabinets for AV kit, including a large selection of high quality hi-fi racks and TV stands so you can see them in the flesh. Whether you want to show off your kit or keep it hidden away, our highly trained staff can offer plenty of advice and different storage solutions. Several sets of speakers by leading brands are available for demo, as are a number soundbars and wireless music systems. Again, its best to contact us or phone ahead and book prior to arriving to ensure availability and dedicated time with our staff.

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Two Channel Demo Suite

We had such a great response with our existing demo room and showroom we decided to extend to a third dedicated demo facility which reflects our growth as a business. In 2011 our passion for two channel pure audio went from strength to strength so we felt that it was the right time to extend to a third room to show our top-level premium audio systems such as Naim, Audiolab and Roksan.

Make an appointment today by contacting us before you arrive. If you have a product in mind please let us know in advance so we can check availability for you.

Opening Times and Closures

Our showroom is: