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Focal Utopia Open Backed Headphones

Focal Utopia Open Backed Headphones

Focal Utopia open-backed circum aural headphones combine all of Focal’s expertise with the smallest speaker drivers in the world and a sophisticated design.They will take you to the heart of the music, where emotions are at their peak. They are the result of 35 years of innovation, development and manufacturing of high-end speaker drivers and loudspeakers. Equipped with exclusive technology, they offer striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and clarity, for sound with unrivalled purity. Utopia are unique: they are the world’s first audiophile headphones featured totally open-backed full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ’M’-shaped domes.  

Focal Sphear High Resolution In-Ear Headphones

Focal Sphear High Resolution In-Ear Headphones 11% off

Sphear breaks with conventions and proves that high-fidelity in-ear headphones can be used for hours on end without the slightest discomfort! Sphear is faithful to Focal’s historic acoustic signature, the “Spirit of Sound”, with a particularly rich mid-range which is never muffled, accurate and clear sound, it is extremely faithful to the original work, and offers harmonic richness, from the low end to the high end, for true listening pleasure.

Was: £99.00 Now: £88.00
Focal Elear Open Back Headphones

Focal Elear Open Back Headphones 11% off

Focal Elear Open Backed Cirum Aural Headphones are high-end audiophile open-back headphones offering magnificent musical quality. Inspired by Utopia, they offer excellent comfort and elegance. These audiophile headphones have been conceived for true music lovers, who want to rediscover their tracks with so fine details. They exalt the intimacy of a personal and passionate listening session at home while opening new fields of emotion and feelings.  

Was: £899.00 Now: £799.00
Focal Spirit Classic Headphones

Focal Spirit Classic Headphones 27% off

A warm sound combined with the dynamics of the transducers will enable you to find the pleasure of listening to all of your music with wonderful details. Spirit Classic’s sound tuning is perfect for listening at home: extended low end, a detailed mid-range and linear top end for a lighter, open sound: all you would expect from Focal! Spirit Classic give its best when the user is at home in a relatively quiet background. There is no need to mask the surrounding noise to enjoy a faithful listening session. Its frequency response curve has been sculpted accordingly: flat in low frequencies, Spirit Classic has around 3dB less bass in comparison to Spirit One. 

Was: £299.00 Now: £219.00
Focal Listen Closed Back Headphones

Focal Listen Closed Back Headphones 17% off

Focal Listen foldable closed-back circum-aural headphones. Listen Headphones combine all the advantages of premium portable headphones for hours of intense listening pleasure. Light and foldable they are compatible with all smartphones. Excellent noise insulation is guaranteed with the closed-back design and the large ear cushions preserve the acoustic qualities, even in noisy environments. Listen was designed in France by Focal’s acoustics engineers.

Was: £179.00 Now: £149.00
Focal Spirit One S Headphones

Focal Spirit One S Headphones 6% off

Spirit One S takes full advantage of Focals latest advances and the expertise they have acquired about headphones. It is destined for all those who are searching for more than just a stylish product, but also for real acoustic equipment.   

Was: £159.00 Now: £149.00